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Cultures of Energy | Cymene Howe & Dominic Boyer

On the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, Lacy talks with Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer of Cultures of Energy Podcast about discovery might be a better way to think about life after trauma, the newly opened Houston Flood Museum, and Lacy’s new book The Reckonings.

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Between the Covers | KBOO with David Naimon

In early 2016, Lacy sat down with David Naimon to talk about The Other Side. David says of the book, "Lacy M. Johnson’s “powerfully moving and brilliantly structured memoir, The Other Side, asks, “How is it possible to reclaim the body after devastating violence?” Her intense desire and demand for a life lived in the body is triumphant. Johnson’s strength to free not only her physical self, but also to move through years of incapacitating fear by writing this book, is breathtaking." 

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"Claiming My Body, Claiming My Voice" | Los Angeles Review of Books with Nathan Goldman

"I HEARD Lacy M. Johnson read from her new memoir, The Other Side, at the Tin House Writers’ Workshop this past July. After hearing the first few lines of her shattering prose, I knew that I would read the book. And I did — in a single rapt sitting, on the plane ride out of Portland.

The Other Side tells how Johnson was kidnapped and raped by a man with whom she’d actually been involved, and how she has come to understand herself and the world in the wake of this trauma. In the book, which is as ambitious as it is affecting, Johnson refashions our culture’s narratives about violence and victimhood, deepens our understanding of the lived experience of systemic misogyny, and illumines the elusive interplay of body, word, memory, and meaning.

Johnson took the time to respond to my questions over email..."


"The Other Side: A Domestic Violence Survivor's Story" | Houston Matters with Craig Cohen

Marking the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Violence Against Women Act, Lacy sat down with Houston Matters host Craig Cohen in September 2014 to discuss the suspension of Ray Rice after video surfaced of him punching his then-girlfriend Janay so hard that he knocked her unconscious. In this conversation, Lacy talks about the reality of domestic violence, and some of the difficult thoughts, challenges, and decisions facing Janay Rice, and other women in abusive relationships. 

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The Rumpus Interview with Melissa Chadburn

"In her stunning memoir The Other Side, Lacy M. Johnson tells the story of being held prisoner in a soundproofed basement of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Though the violence in her book is easy to sensationalize, her narrative is a universal one of survival. Moreover, Johnson herself is anything but a victim..."


After "Antigone, Jr.": An Interview with Trajal Harrell 

Following the capacity performance of his critically acclaimed "Antigone, Jr." at Portland's TBA:13, Lacy spoke with choreographer and Guggenheim fellow Trajal Harrell over email.

"LJ: At Sunday night’s performance of Antigone, Jr., you introduced the piece by saying that you began the work with a question: what if one of the post-modern choreographers from Judson Church (Judson Dance Theater) had gone uptown to Harlem to perform in the ball scene? (Correct me if I’m stating that incorrectly.) I wonder if you could start by talking about this question. Why is it urgent to ask this question now (or at the time that you started working on the pieces)? Is it still an urgent question, in your view?